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SVP of Sales & Marketing


Amy Hassler doesn’t just love a good story, she thrives on them: Finding them, writing them, filming them, sharing them.

She knows the power of brand narratives told well and works as a partner with clients to uncover and tell their unique story. She’s helped launch start-ups and worked alongside the titans of tech to reach their full potential, all with a smile. As one example, she helped Lowe’s deepen its emotional connection to customers by employing innovative audio and scent strategies around in-store promotions.

Her passion for storytelling began at the University of Texas at Austin where she earned her undergraduate degree in film production. A consummate learner, she went on to earn a Master’s degree in intercultural communication from the University of New Mexico, driven by her commitment to compassion, community, diversity, and inclusion.

She began her career as a regional sales representative for a production company in Dallas and continued her work for Will Vinton Studios (now Laika), which is a stop-motion animation studio. She’s held a variety of positions at consultancies and production companies and most recently served as the Account Director on the Nike and Sonos accounts at Splash, a global creative content studio.

She now brings her keen eye for innovation, strategic, and creative thinking in her role as Sales Director of Magnet’s Tech Pod, which is our largest and most extensive category where we’ve collaborated with Google, Adobe, and Cisco. 

Amy is also a New York Times published author. When she’s not writing or trumpeting client stories and building cutting-edge solutions, she volunteers as a long-term care ombudsman, advocating for the rights of nursing home residents.

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