Crystal Edmonds

Account Manager

VP of Account Strategy & Development

How did you get to Magnet Media?

How did you get to Magnet Media?

I applied on LinkedIn and 2 weeks later I was here!

Where is Home?

There ain’t nothing in the world like a Jersey Girl.

What is your favorite piece of video?

I don’t really have a favorite….though, social media does help keep me thoroughly entertained with some of the videos that come across my feeds.

What is a little known fact about you?

In college I got pretty into collecting sneakers, mainly Nike Dunk Highs. Luckily a lot of people still collect them, so I was able to get rid of most of them on eBay when I moved to the city and didn’t have space for them anymore.

What would be your dream vacation?

Any place where the water is clear, the sun is hot, the food is good, and the people are friendly!


Phone: (646) 486-7109