Megan Cunningham

CEO & Founder 

VP of Account Strategy & Development

As our CEO, Megan sets the vision for the company, attracts the best talent in the industry, drives creative innovation to the next level, and works with Magnet's top clients and partners. When she manages to escape the office, Megan can be found climbing a glacier, running the dunes of Montauk, skiing off a cliff, dancing her butt off, or canoeing across the Boundary Waters with friends and family..

How did you get to Magnet Media?

How did you get to Magnet Media?

I worked in broadcast television and independent film production and uncovered a lot of curiosity and frustration with the underlying technology that was hindering innovation in the industry. So I took a brief hiatus in the late ’90s from the production world and worked for a tech startup company as employee number two. We grew really quickly to 40 people in the first year and a half. That tech company was serving the entertainment industry, so I gained a window into some of the challenges and opportunities with the intersection of tech and media. In 2000, I launched Magnet Media, initially to help tech marketers use video and storytelling to reach their consumers. And our first client was Apple.

Where is Home?

Right now? New York City.

What is your favorite piece of video?

I can’t answer that question! That’s too hard, way too hard. I’ll get back to you on that.

What is a little known fact about you?

I cut off all my hair in college. There is no photo evidence.

What would be your dream vacation?

Exploring Asia and Africa – and/or any local action sports adventures.


Phone: (646) 486-7109 x1016