How to Co-Create with Influencers in the Current Climate?

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Co-Creating with Influencers in the Current Climate


About The State of the Story


The concerns around building community, connecting with consumers, and driving growth are questions that are top-of-mind for all marketers. But all marketing in this moment must be handled delicately and done tastefully –while acknowledging the cultural context. It is especially timely to partner with the right influencers in this moment of social distancing. They provide a way to generate content without large crews, and with a built-in, trusted audience.

At our virtual roundtable, brand and thought leaders –Kay Hsu of Instagram Creative Shop, Bette Ann Schlossberg of Lyft, Laura Mignott of DFlash, and Michele Thornton Ghee of Stratechic Alliance (fmr. Endeavor)– shared the blueprint for developing an ROI-driven influencer marketing campaign for those looking to navigate in the new playing field.


"One piece of advice I would give is to use this time to experiment. I think most people will say to have empathy, to have service, to be agile… And these are important – but we can also take this opportunity to figure out what’s right and what works."

– Kay Hsu, Global Director of Instagram Creative Shop

Key Takeaways from The State of the Story 

1 Building Connection

One of the invisible advantages that influencers bring to a brand is their strong connection with their audience. Everyone feels a need to be connected now more than ever, how can influencers enhance a brand's ability to connect with consumers/audience? While it may have been more promotional before the crisis, what’s a tasteful, appropriate way for a brand to establish that connection in this environment?

2 Influencer Selection

Is there a wider pool of new influencers that have been untapped prior to our current state of affairs? Have the criteria changed, in the midst of the crisis?

3 Content Mix

While it’s critical to acknowledge what everyone is experiencing, having a 24-7 COVID-content-plan is likely to start feeling redundant. With that in mind, what’s the right mix of timely and evergreen content, that will sustain a brand through this crisis and help us all move into recovery?

4 Measurement

What does success look like for an influencer/celebrity campaign?

5 Longevity

One of the key insights is that doing a “one-off” push with an influencer may stimulate sales, but it’s rarely having a lasting impact on a brand. How are marketers converting influencers and celebrities into ongoing brand ambassadors?

6 Content Consumption Environment

What platforms are marketers using to reach your target audience? How is the influencer community different within each of the platforms? What are some of the biggest challenges with creating influencer campaigns, and how should marketers overcome them?

7 Advice

What’s the best piece of advice you can share with our marketing community on how to get started or revise their new strategy NOW, around influencer marketing?


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If you are looking for an executive guide to influencer marketing, watch the recording of the expert session and receive your copy of Co-Creating with Influencers in the Current Climate report.

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