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Greenhouse believes in the power of hiring and has built the best tool for recruiting and hiring candidates – making every company great at hiring.  

As part of the new brand messaging, Greenhouse wanted to elevate hiring as a business imperative - leading heads of business to assume more responsibility and become better partners with recruitment teams. 

With an objective to become the ultimate industry host, Greenhouse brought Heads of Business and Talent Practitioners together to learn, grow, and share their experience on the Talent Makers Podcast. Magnet Media collaborated with Greenhouse to develop the podcast strategy, production, and launch strategy.



As part of the Talent Makers campaign, Magnet developed a podcast series for Greenhouse that features conversations with Business Leaders and Chief Talent Officers from their top clients, including TalkDesk, VaynerMedia, SeatGeek, and Bevy. The conversations with industry leaders were structured around thematic topics to expand the Talent Maker message, and further enhance the client’s relationship with Greenhouse.

The conversations ranged from topics based on business, talent, and personal/career development spaces –but also included expert commentators on culture, diversity, and inclusion.

Magnet Media was able to capture content by setting up a podcast booth at the Greenhouse’s annual OPEN conference. The mobile Talent Makers podcast studio helped raise awareness and interest for the podcast, and for the topic: how business leaders can become more effective partners with HR and Recruiting, in order to improve their company’s hiring. 

The podcast was paired with video and downloadable assets on a Talent Makers hub where visitors could explore the topic further, download an ebook, or book a consultation session with the Greenhouse team. 

Within the first quarter of the launch, Greenhouse’s Talent Makers Studio Podcast was able to generate landing page visitors and podcast downloads that exceeded their expectations.


The podcast hub helped drive over 250 qualified eBook downloads and over 50 Talent Maker workshop appointments requested by executives, which represent in-person training sessions on how to become a leader in hiring. It remains one of the most effective generators of high-touch, high-quality leads for the organization.


Talent Maker Hub

Featured Podcast Speakers

susan lee
Susan Lee

Brand Designer

Teresa Dietrich

Global Head of Product & Engineering

Claude Silver

Chief Heart Officer

Shauna Geraghty

Vice President/ Head of People and Operations

Mason Wong – Lyft
Mason Wong

Recruiting Systems and Integrations

Dr. Salima Bhimani

Chief Equity/ Inclusion Strategist

Steven Broudy
Steven Broudy

Vice President/
Head of Sales


TalentMaker Launch Video

The TalentMaker Launch produced by Greenhouse video features interviews from both business leaders and hiring leaders who are able to paint a picture of how successful companies approach hiring and the recruitment process. 

By highlighting the changes happening in the industry and their approach to hiring, they are able to show what it means to be a TalentMaker and why it is more important than ever to prioritize executive involvement in hiring the right people. 


TalentMaker Podcasts


The editorial incorporates topics based in business, talent, and personal/career development spaces, but also integrates informed observers and commentators on culture, diversity, and inclusion.

Magnet Media helped Greenhouse launch their very first branded podcast series “Talent Maker Studio”, which encapsulates the most exclusive industry knowledge with guests from Seatgeek, Lyft, Alphabet, McKinsey New Ventures, TalkDesk, VaynerMedia, and Bevy. At the same time, Magnet offered Greenhouse valuable YouTube strategies to ensure the successful launch of its YouTube channel. 

TalentMaker Social Series

“Hire Better” is a series of short comical films that are meant to show the juxtaposition between good and great when it comes to Heads of Engineering, Heads of Sales and CEOs...and their contrasting approaches to hiring. 

We will focus on what a TalentMaker is in this role, and what makes them stand out against peers that may just be doing the same-old status quo. 

The pain points that their peers face are all too common to our non-talenting making viewers --such as frustration with the quality of hires, staff churn, and missed goals. But that’s okay because with the simple mindset shift presented in these films from “Recruiting isn't my responsibility” to “Hiring is crucial to my success, and it's my responsibility to make sure my teams are fully aligned when it comes to candidates expectations.” 

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In 2 months after the launch, Greenhouse’s Talent Makers Studio Podcast was able to...



Generated over 839k views. 849k unique viewers with 49k organic search impressions.



5k landing page clicks with 7 podcast episodes.They released 1 episode every 2 weeks.



The YouTube channel launch resulted in 367 (and growing) subscribers.