Silicon Valley Bank

Next 2 Regional Trailers

Silicon Valley Bank is the bank of the innovation economy. By supporting and connecting innovators globally with the right financial partners, SVB “makes next happen now.” Magnet Media produced a series of videos for Next2 showcasing some of the powerful entrepreneurs in SVB’s networks and connecting them through thought-provoking conversations. One of the many reasons partners choose to engage with SVB is the power of the community that fosters a feeling of collaboration and information-sharing among their peers. SVB sought a holistic content strategy to match top-level brand goals with the tangible business goals of other departments within SVB.


Magnet Media helped Silicon Valley Bank produce an all-encompassing campaign that spoke to the bank’s brand goals in tandem with the specific, tangible business goals of departments within Silicon Valley Bank. Following the successful launch of the Next2 campaign, SVB inquired Magnet Media to help them continue the dialogue. We produced a micro-doc style series that told the story of Startup Founders that were equipped for success after first getting their SVB start.

After all filming was concluded, we were able to deliver 15 films in total from over 50 hrs of shooting, including assets optimized for respective social channels as well as photography to further support the campaign.

More Launch Videos

More Launch Videos