Three Steps To Generating Better Leads In Any Business Climate

Power Player Breakfast: Megan Cunningham, Founder and CEO of Magnet Media, April 23

Power Player Breakfast: Megan Cunningham, Founder and CEO of Magnet Media, April 23


By Megan Cunningham 
Forbes Councils Member


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If your company's growth has been based on reputation, it's possible that you've never designed a strategic approach to lead generation. But in this climate, it's critical that every business generates quality leads predictably. There are a number of tough choices within digital marketing right now. However, there's also a proven method of driving demand called growth hacking.

Growth Hacking 

Growth hacking is a fairly new discipline within the field of marketing, where the outcome is focused on growth. It began with Silicon Valley startups and is used by creative marketers who employ data to innovate on breaking down traditional models of marketing to unlock massive growth in a short time on small budgets. Since then, it has been applied strategically to larger brands and corporations that have adopted these methods as part of their own digital transformations.

A Three-Step Tactical Plan

Our proprietary marketing process — Think/Make/Reach — involves using data to inform a client's brand storytelling and distribution. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with amazing marketers on their content strategies and production over the years. Here’s the secret sauce we’ve proven out with our clients, designed for both established brands and fast-growing startup

"While it can be tempting to jump right into producing content, if you’re determined to drive leads, then it's essential to reflect on how you will be building your audience."

– Megan Cunningham

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