Small Business Straight Talk: What Does Great Leadership Look Like Now?

Small Business Straight Talk: What Does Great Leadership Look Like Now?

Small Business Straight Talk: What Does Great Leadership Look Like Now?

What you need to know about small business right now. From the editor of CO— from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Jeanette Mulvey.

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Leading your team through the coronavirus requires the ability to react to change, understand employees’ unique needs and, most importantly, check your ego at the (virtual) office door. What worked for your team a few months ago may well not be working now. And what works for one employee may not work for another. Managers are discovering that the most important quality in a great leader is the ability to admit you may not always be right. You need to know when it’s time to change and when to ask for advice. But that's only the beginning of managing during this challenging time.

I asked five experts on entrepreneurship what they think great leadership looks like right now.

  • Daymond John, CEO of FUBU and The Shark Group, author of 'Powershift: Transform Any Situation', 'Close Any Deal', and 'Achieve Any Outcome'
  • Gabrielle Raymond McGee, Chief Operating Officer, Tory Burch Foundation
  • Eric Schurenberg, CEO, Fast Company & Inc. Magazine 
  • Megan Cunningham, CEO / Founder, Magnet Media
  • Osnat Benari, Vice President, WeWork Labs Product & Programming

"Balancing a positive attitude with a realistic one is key. I read somewhere about a POW who survived seven years in prison, when none of his fellow prisoners made it through that awful period. They asked him why he felt he was the one who survived and he confessed that everyone else was an optimist, and he was a realist — trying to take one day at a time. By nature, I am an optimist, but I think the circumstances require all of us to be more thoughtful about the attitudes we're projecting, and to really work hard to balance our optimism with the reality of what's going on around us, so our team doesn't feel devastated or demoralized when the promise of what might happen does not always materialize."

- Megan Cunningham, CEO / Founder, Magnet Media

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