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Tri-City Live Streaming Concert




The Google Fiber team approached Magnet Media about a need for a launch strategy of their high speed data service.  The challenge was that (due to the infrastructure investment and development challenges) they were only available in 3 regions: Kansas City, Austin Texas and Provo Utah. 


Think: Strategic Objective

The campaign had to focus on the regions where their service was available, but have a national appeal (from a press / communications perspective). It also had to be a demonstration of the services’ power and technical capability, as differentiated from the competition in the high-speed data / telecom and wireless marketplace.

Make: Creative

Magnet Media’s creative concept --and eventual production-- included a “world’s first” concept of hosting a concert that took place simultaneously in 3 cities, and in one united online destination, all at once.  To achieve this we placed regionally-well-known bands with a nationally-established artist in each of the 3 regions, and had them perform together as a multi-cam LIVE-Stream over Google’s high-speed data lines. We cast a star from The Voice (who was from the region), and paired him with performers from the other regions, and re-engineered Google’s livestream technology in order to iron out any latency.

Reach: Audience Engagement Strategy

We used an influencer’s launch strategy to drive awareness.  The result was an incredible brand “moment” that was experienced live by key audiences in each of the regions, and an invitation-only livestream (with executives from MTV, Billboard, Spin, The New York Times, etc). online.  It was cited by Google as the best campaign they used for any launch that year.

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