TIAA Difference Makers

TIAA is the leading provider of financial services for the academic, research, medical, cultural and governmental industries. To celebrate TIAA’s 100th anniversary, TIAA wanted to highlighted the amazing achievements of several TIAA members in the nonprofit community, and showcased several “Difference Makers” and the work they are doing around the world.


Magnet Media and TIAA worked with some of TIAA’s most inspiring clients to capture the work they’re doing and how they’re making a difference in others’ lives. Each difference maker’s story was showcased through a micro-documentary, shot by one of Chicken & Egg’s esteemed female documentary filmmakers.

TIAA was extremely pleased with the performance of these mico-docs. Increased engagement through video likes, shares, and comments, as well and increased awareness of the TIAA brand and their commitment to working with and commending their long list of difference-makers clientele was all a bi-product of the wonderful work being done, showcased in these videos.

More Launch Videos

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