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Marketing and media are in a state of perpetual disruption. This presents challenges for leaders crafting narratives and creating business plans, but it also opens up new possibilities for disruptive storytelling.

Never before have brands been able to be so creative: producing podcasts, launching social movements, commissioning feature films, embracing influencers, distributing with targeted data, and delivering tailored experiences to reach and engage global audiences—until now.

In ‘The State of the Story’ annual report, we cover the latest trends in storytelling, and how we can all use modern approaches to grow our brands and our businesses.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to produce a podcast that creates a genuine connection with an audience, establishes a brand as a thought leader, and provides business value. To better serve our community, we held a live broadcast with our in-house experts, Megan Cunningham and Nikolay Bogomolov, to go through the podcasting playbook and have your burning questions answered.

Producing Podcast & Building Audience

Podcasting continues to dominate as a prominent cultural storytelling format, but the environment is more cluttered than ever. The latest stats show that 700,000 active podcasts are currently being produced (up from 500,000 less than 2 years ago). However, it's one of the most loyal mediums.

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Co-Creating with Influencers in the Current Climate

The concerns around building community, connecting with consumers, and driving growth are questions that are top-of-mind for all marketers. But all marketing in this moment must be handled delicately and done tastefully –while acknowledging the cultural context. 

Stylish young African American entrepreneur

Building a Mission-Driven Brand & Creating Community

Now, more than ever, brand leaders are rethinking their strategies on how to connect with their audiences. The majority of consumers expect companies to take a stand on social issues. Brands who can genuinely tell their stories are the ones that have the greatest consumer growth.

Stylish young African American entrepreneur

World-Class Virtual Events: Premium Storytelling & Audience Development

80% of brands' audience prefers live video over blogs. If your business involves live events, the first 2020 “pivot” required re-structuring all events into virtual experiences. Now, a few months in, we’re racing towards the second phase of this “pivot”:  differentiating from the cluttered field.

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When Brands Take A Stand

As stories of racial injustice permeate every channel, marketers across industries are at the front lines of crafting their own company’s responses. Our community of marketers has always taken seriously the responsibility to tell honest and diverse stories; but now more than ever, the pressure is on to deliver.

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How to Citizen for Brands and Businesses

In a year that redefined “uncertainty,” marketers are required to position their companies strategically for both purpose and profits. It’s a business imperative to incorporate community concerns with consumer insights into their brand's story. 

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